Kamui Works KM-300 Driver

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Introducing the Kamui Works KM-300 Driver - featuring a non conforming inner rebound spring that at the moment of impact releases forward for a more powerful reflection off the club face,  this spring makes this club non conforming in a new way usually non conforming is judged by the face COR related to thinness but Kamui Works has introduced this new method for even more distance advantage to the player.   These are custom handmade heads  so the options on these are many yes you can order this conforming but it will not have the inner spring.

Like the previous KM-200 they pump air into the head to further increase rebound along with grooves on both the inside and outside of the face to create better forgiveness on the heel and toe side,  as you can see there is a cut in the rear moving the cg forward and low for a low spin mid/high trajectory designed with the purpose of creating the most distance possible.

The head is made using a beta Ti body and a specially formulated beta Ti face material like all previous Kamui Works drivers the options are insane like custom lie, face angle, loft, paint color and other requests can be taken into consideration this is all possible because each driver is made to order custom per the players requests something very few brands can offer.

** Standard Specs **

KM-300 Hi COR head is engraved 9.5*, 10.5* or 11.5* on the sole.  KM-300 Conforming head is engraved 10* or 11* on the sole.  These are the standard lofts.  

Standard Lie Angle is 60 degrees.  

If adjusting lie angle between 59* or  61* it is a 2 week custom order.

Bigger adjustments such as 58* lie angle, and 8* loft is a 1 to 1.5 month custom order.

Many custom options are available to choose from,  please see the drop down or email [email protected] to custom create yours!


Kamui Works KM-300 Driver

Kamui Works KM-300 Driver technology

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