Kamui Works FW Head Only Custom Made

Kamui Works FW Head Only Custom Made

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Kamui Works is a very prestigious hand made golf club maker in Toyama City. Kamui Works has been making premium drivers and woods for over a decade and is a favorite among low handicap players and those wanting a premium custom made driver with a focus on feel and distance.

Kamui's custom fairway woods are simple clean designs hand made with premium SUS630 body and cold forged Maraging face. Maraging steel is stronger than SUS630 so can be made thinner providing soft feel and POP off the face at impact.  The heads are considered mid to smaller sized heads with a pear shape and mid height face.

Premium club maker Kamui Works uses TIG Welding (by hand) to attach the face to the FW body. Because this is all done carefully by the hands of top Kamui Works craftsmen, there is very little margin of error when it comes to loft and face angle. You order 15.5* and that's what you get.

The heads spend a lot of time on the grinding belt and are worked thoroughly by hand to ensure uniform thickness all throughout the head. Kamui Works believes this is an important process in creating a maximum performance head as uneven surface and walls of the head would not only throw off the overall balance of the head but cause the performance to fall below optimal.

Moving from rougher belts to finer belts with many steps in between, Kamui Works ensures a perfect polish and shine with the final touch being done by hand and cloth buffing. This is pure hand made attention and the ultimate in Japanese hand made club making craftsmanship.

Current options include:

  • Loft (Exact loft)
  • Face Angle
  • Lie Angle
  • Head Weight

Keep in mind also that while we list adjustment guidelines here, it is NOT uncommon for Kamui to be able to adjust even more beyond these guidelines. Just email us for your specs confirmation if you require more than standard adjustments.

Loft 15* plus/minus 1*
Standard Lie is 59* plus/minus 1* (or more)
Face Angle 2* closed to 1* open (but like the driver 2* is probably doable)
Standard Weight is 207g and can be increased up to 217g

18* plus/minus 1*
Standard Lie is 60* plus/minus 1* (or more)
Face Angle 2* closed to 1* open (but like the driver 2* is probably doable)
Standard Weight is 214g and can be increased up to 223g

21* plus/minus 1*
Standard Lie is 61* plus/minus 1*(or more)
Face Angle 2* closed to 1* open (but like the driver 2* is probably doable)
Standard Weight is 223g and and can be increased up to 232g

All heads will take 3 weeks as they are made on customer order.

If you require a specific loft ie 17.5*, please note it in the comments section on checkout. Heads however will only be marked with round numbers ie 15* 18* 21*. ie select 18* in the options but ask for 17.5*, the head will come as 17.5* but be marked 18* on the head.

If you prefer to have your driver shafted with a top end shaft. Please see the Custom Built version of the Kamui FW here.

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