Jbeam Yamazaki Pro ZY-11 Driver Head

Jbeam Yamazaki Pro ZY-11 Driver Head

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Jbeam Yamazaki Pro ZY-11 Driver - The new Limited Edition ZY-11 Yamazaki Long Drive Pro Series has a unique design and is made of the highest quality  Japan grade titanium composite which produces faster ball speeds and more forgiveness.

The ZY-11 is 448cc's with a unique ultra deep face profile to provide ample hitting space and a huge sweet spot,  coupled together with it's super low spin design it's a fairway finder.  Considered low spin with mid launch by TSG this driver also has the unique feature of being factory foamed which provides a  dead, muted feel reminiscent of smaller sub 400cc heads and some even say old school wood club impact sound and feel.

Triangular in an upside down sort of way which makes its face super deep which is ideal for better players who miss high and low on the club face vs out near the toe and heel for me the face shape allowed for lots of space to land the ball on and while this shape is not traditional by any means the rest of the club head especially from above looks like a normal driver.  The laser-engraved face milling further reduces spin,

Custom Loft,  Face Angle, Head Weight can be ordered and TSG can offer it head only or shafted with the finest Japan Only high modulous shafts. Please inquire to [email protected] for your custom build. 


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