jBEAM FX BM-FW HG Fairway Wood Head Only

jBEAM FX BM-FW HG Fairway Wood Head Only

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jBEAM a golf club manufactuter in Tokyo, Japan is already famous for making some of the best feeling and performing enthusiast drivers available in the Japanese golf market.  Their all new 2011 FX BM-FW HG Fairway Wood carries over the performance tradition of the drivers into a traditionally shaped fairway wood with wonderful feel and performance.

The HG Model FW was designed by jBEAM to satisfy even the tour pro. A deep face and high back head result in a strong mid to higher low spin trajectory with super feel and direction. A back weight creates higher MOI and a larger sweet spot for added forgiveness and brings the CG back in the head. jBEAM touts the HG as a Distance and Control model made from Hyper Steel Maraging and finished in Black IP.

TSG recommends this head for the better player to improving golfer with good ball striking skills.  The 15* 3 Wood is in fact on the larger side when it comes to volume at 180cc however at address its size is well hidden due to its pear shape and high back (this gives it the appearance of a 150cc head). The 18* 5 Wood is 160cc and the 20* 7 wood is 150cc. 

The 5 and 7 wood are especially on the heavier side at 220 and 225g respectively. The 15* 3 wood is made a bit lighter at 210g for a longer length install (42.75 to 43.00") for maximum distance performance.

The face angles of all models are spec'ed at 0* square but TSG can request heads slightly open as well. All specs are real specs ie real loft, real lie and real face angle.

The BM-FW HG has crisp and soft feel at impact and thanks to its deep face is surperb off the tee as well as off the deck. It's multi level sole reduces friction with the turf for more pure impact.

The BM-FW HG is sold as head only and does come with a headcover.

The tip size is 0.335" for all the best high end tour quality shafts.

TSG also offers this head custom built with shafts from Crazy, Quadra, Graphite Design, Diamana and Fujikura.

Please contact us for more details.

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