Iomic Square Sticky 2.3 Grip

Iomic Square Sticky 2.3 Grip

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Iomic's Square Grip Sticky is Iomic's softest and tackiest grip (hence the Sticky moniker). All Iomic grips feature durable water proof Elastomer that are made using high pressure injection moulding. The Square pattern provides super soft touch and feel and awesome grip. The soft touch absorbs shock and the minus ion charged grip helps you make the shot you need.

Normally a soft grip would have a large amount of torque. IOMIC has been successful in making a grip with less torque but still soft. IOMIC grips have a surface design that reduces torque. Also because of the material IOMIC grips are made of, they are made in a depth of 0.3mm as opposed to rubber at a depth of 0.5mm. This reduction in depth helps to reduce torque.  All Iomic Grips are made in Japan and are one of the most popular grips on the Japanese Pro Tour.

The Square Grip Sticky 2.3 is for those looking for a thicker version of the standard Sticky.  It weighs 50g with a 2.3mm outer wall and is available ribbed or round in M60 size in various fixed body colors with black caps.


Iomic Sticky 2.3 Grip

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