Honma Beres S-05 Fairway Wood

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Honma Beres S-05 Fairway Wood is HONMA's special FW with long carry performance and control.


3W adopts the cup face with high deflection on impact for a long carry distance.

The amount of deflection depends on the golfer will achieve the control, powerful trajectories and longer carry distance.

The enhanced potential of the new head design

The lower center-of-gravity expands the length of the face and allows us to bring the center of gravity on the face closer to the center point, resulting in a higher smash factor.

All clubs become ordnances with the center-of-gravity flow design

The fairway wood series performance is enhanced by controlling the sole thickness for each club.

Cup face structure

The concave zone (thin section) of the upper and lower face, increases the amount of deflection of the face, which increases the repulsion, providing control and powerful trajectories (adopted for #3 only).

Crown's partially different thickness design

The reinforced internal mesh structure is optimized on the S-05 FW crown. This design optimizes the deflection and resilience caused during impact.

Inclination of head at address lie (45°).

With the previous model, there is dead space between the toe side of the sole and the ground at address.
S-05 FW is designed to have the sole shape in which the sole surface on the toe side is brought close to the ground, which reduces the dead space, providing the center of gravity -2.5 mm lower, even though the face height is 2 mm higher (compared to S-03 #3).
As a result, height of the hitting area expanded 4.5mm, and gained high trajectories with low spin.
This provides an easier address position.

The thickness is controlled for each club by the center-of-gravity flow design

The deep/Low center-of-gravity grips the ball at impact. Balls are easier to hit in high and straight trajectories, providing longer carry distance.

With the shallow center-of-gravity, balls are prevented from being over-gripped, allowing you to stop the balls in fade trajectories with the appropriate spin.


** Please keep in mind that all TSG orders are made to order special for our customers at the Honma Japan Factory.  So please expect 2-3 weeks for your order to ship.  Also, ORDERS WITH CUSTOM SPEC OPTIONS CANNOT BE CANCELED once Honma starts production (such as Custom Lie, Length, Loft, Face Angle, and Custom Finish).  Custom Head finishing take 4-6 weeks to ship.**

Please contact us if you have any questions about custom specs and options.


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