Honma Beres IS-06 Iron 6-11 ( 6pcs Set )

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Honma introduces the newest BERES Series lineup for iron called Honma Beres IS-06 Iron. Easy, Long, High Trajectory combined in the most beautiful beres iron ever.


New Head Design

  • L-Cup face structure with a wider sole, providing a high trajectory and improved performance to increase the distance.
  • Irons #4 to #8 incorporate 3 slits on the bottom of the sole and near the face to increase ball speed on miss shots.
  • Irons #4 and #5 redesigned with a wider sole and bigger head providing a deeper center of gravity for improved forgiviness and confidence, easier to play like an hybrid.

The new design enjoy a gorgeous appearance and high impact visual difference to any other iron. The cavity provides a premium-feeling that meets players high espectations.

Forged Head

A Mild Steel alloy is used to produce the head, providing a soft feeling and premium appearance.

Casted Face

  • Irons #4 to #8. L-Cup face/sole structure manufactured in Maraging Stainless Steel (AM355P) for improved forgiviness and higher ball speed.
  • Irons #9 to SW. Flat face structure manufactured in Maraging Stainless Steel (ES235) for improved control and durability.

New ARMRQ X shaft designed to perfectly match S-06

By the use of Torayca carbon fibers specifically selected for this new shaft, Honma's engineers have been able to reduce the weight of the shaft by 1gr, maintaining the soft feel and consistency, and reducing the backspin. The adoption of the new X layer (10 axis cross fiber) is a key element for the performance of this new shaft generation.

** Please keep in mind that all TSG orders are made to order special for our customers at the Honma Japan Factory. So please expect 2-3 weeks for your order to ship. Also, ORDERS WITH CUSTOM SPEC OPTIONS CANNOT BE CANCELED once Honma starts production (such as Custom Lie, Length, Loft, Face Angle, and Custom Finish). Custom Head finishing take 4-6 weeks to ship.**

Honma Beres IS-06 Iron

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