Honma Beres E-06 Driver

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Introducing New HONMA BERES E-06 Driver.

The BERES E-06 series is designed to improve the performance of senior and lady golfers, who have head speeds under 85mph. Slots located on the center, toe and heel【SPLIT GROOVE AREA】deliver the maximum repulsion effect off the clubface at impact. A shallow clubhead offers a lower center of gravity, providing an increased sense of forgiveness and confidence at address, which helps golfers to hit higher and better golf shots.

An even larger face area compared to the previous model helps expand the face repulsion area and lower the center of gravity by using 20g of tungsten sole weighting, yielding higher trajectories and longer carry distances.

The -ARMRQ X- shaft is lighter than the previous model, and boasts a slightly stronger grip side with optimized rigidity in the shaft’s center, which was designed to deliver a higher launch angle with increased forgiveness.


Distance increase effect of sole slots - SPLIT GROOVE AREA

A spring structure of slots on the center, toe, and heel. SPLIT GROOVE AREA helps deliver the maximum repulsion effect off the clubface at impact, helping golfers with slower clubhead speeds achieve longer carry distance.

Confidence and low center of gravity with shallow clubhead

A low center of gravity combined with a large projected area on a shallower clubhead design provides golfers with the added confidence at address to hit the ball higher, leading to better shots and lower scores.

RELEASE DATE: April 2018

** Please keep in mind that all TSG orders are made to order special for our customers at the Honma Japan Factory. So please expect 2-3 weeks for your order to ship. Also, ORDERS WITH CUSTOM SPEC OPTIONS CANNOT BE CANCELED once Honma starts production (such as Custom Lie, Length, Loft, Face Angle, and Custom Finish). Custom Head finishing take 4-6 weeks to ship.*

Honma Beres E-06 Driver

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