Honma Beres E-05 Ladies Driver

Honma Beres E-05 Ladies Driver

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Honma Beres E-05 Ladies Driver's Features:

All parts developed for the highest performance.
Accomplished further evolution, BERES Ladies.

Easier to grip the ball

The center-of-gravity is set to be low and deep without limit of the internal load and SUS weight screws provides top priority to the grip of balls at any rate.

Hit the ball with better deflection

The deflection achieved by the thinned crown (0.45mm) provides a longer carry distance.

Swing easily

By removing excess weight and by using lighter materials in our designs Honma have made it easier for golfers to execute their shots, this by applying “optimum position design techniques”

Structural drawings

The significantly lighter weight makes optimum center-of-gravity design possible.

The lighter weight material and the thinner crown with 8-1-1 titanium with a low center of gravity provides an excess weight of approximately 10 grams. The internal load of the lower and deeper center of gravity using SUS weight screws helps keep the ball on the club face longer.

Crown rib structure

The crown rib structure arranged parallel with the surface of the face,  players can easily have deflection of the crown, high trajectories and the longer carry distance.


** Please keep in mind that all TSG orders are made to order special for our customers at the Honma Japan Factory.  So please expect 2-3 weeks for your order to ship.  Also, ORDERS WITH CUSTOM SPEC OPTIONS CANNOT BE CANCELED once Honma starts production (such as Custom Lie, Length, Loft, Face Angle, and Custom Finish).  Custom Head finishing take 4-6 weeks to ship.**

Please contact us if you have any questions about custom specs and options.


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