Graphite Design Tour AD BB Series Shafts

Graphite Design Tour AD BB Series Shafts

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Graphite Design's New Tour AD BB Series Wood Shafts are brand new for 2012. It features the same tip selection and technology as the Tour AD DI model with a few extra features. Available with 50, 60, 70 and 80 grams weighting. The BB or "Blue Bullet" has a lower spin characteristic than the DJ line and is made to produce a low to mid trajectory, piercing ball flight. The BB features increased stiffness from the tip to middle section of the shaft which increases stability and reduces spin. The BB series shaft are great choices for drivers and fairway woods because of the easy launching and very stable shaft characteristics. Graphite Designs precision shaft making technology truly match up to its logo of Tour AD, which stands for Accuracy and Distance. The Tour AD line of Graphite Design shafts have been the most dominant shaft company on the Japan Golf Tour for the past 8 years.  It is very popular among professionals for the always consistent feel and trajectory it produces.

The Tour AD BB Series shaft also features Material Stiffness Integration technology or MSI. This is a combination of 4 different materials that vary in stiffness and fiber that roll into one BB shaft. The unique combination and design allows the shaft to reduce the amount of vibration allowing for maximum feedback and a very consistent feel which it is known for. Composite materials consist of two main components, graphite fiber and resin.  The stiffness of each fiber has an impact on how much vibration is transmitted up the shaft, which affects feel. The resin acts like a sponge and absorbs the unwanted vibrations creating exquisite feel. Using proprietary design formulas which integrate these materials, Graphite Design is able to provide an always reliable feel.

The Tour AD BB Series shafts are proven on the PGA Tour and Japan Golf Tours.

Shafts are available from 50 -  80 grams in weight and range from R2 to X in flex. For Woods and Drivers.

Specs are available on the chart below.


Graphite Design Tour AD BB Series Shafts

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