Grandista RS-D Driver

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Introducing Grandista RS-D Driver - CEO and founder of Real Sports, Yoshikazu Yoshida has been a golf professional since 1998. Yoshida has been mostly in the teaching business for over 10 years. While teaching many students, he realized that many of his students are using equipment that is not helping them improve their swing. The initial thought was to see if he could come up with a product designed to help golfers improve their swing and as a result, improve their game as well as overall golf experience. For this reason, Real Sports was founded in 2013. All the years he has been teaching, the number one request that he has been getting from his students was that they wanted to be better with their drivers. Symptoms varied in type and degree but Yoshida came to realize one common issue was with modern 460cc drivers which typically has a long CG distance. While longer CG distance can be highly effective in higher energy transfer at impact which produces longer distances, it can be a challenge for amateurs and players with slower swing speeds to square the face at impact. Yoshida decided that he wanted to design and produce a driver that could help amateur players to drive their ball better with a head that is easier to square at impact. Yoshida’s desire is to design and produce golf clubs with a purpose. He does not want to design golf clubs just for the sake of selling new golf clubs. It needs to mean something for him and for the students he teaches as well as other amateur golfers out in the real world. His mission is clear. Yoshida’s brand, “Grandista” is a word that combines “Grand” = Big “Distanza” = Distance in hopes that his products will help users produce many big drives! Setting aside the real-world problems he wants to solve, his ambitions extend for his company one day serving the PGA Tour to support professionals from a Grandista tour van!!


The head volume is 445cc's and the head is available and picked between 9.5 to 11 degrees with head weights is 199g.  Customers often order custom face angles and these can be square to 1.5 degrees open (please contact us or leave note if you want to do custom face angle).

Loft 9.5 10.0 10.5 11.0
Lie 59 °
Volume 445cc
Weight 199.0g
Face Angle 0 - 1.5 °
Material Face: SP700 | Body: 6-4 Titanium

About This Product Listing

- Head Only

- Available in 4 lofts option

- Standard head weight is 198g, and 2g & 8g weights are installed

- Custom order lofts the head will still show 10 or 9 degrees on it.

Available custom weights are 2g, 4g, 6g, 8g and 10g.

Grandista RS-D Driver

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