Grandista RS-001 Driver Head Only

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Grandista RS-001 DriverNot only is the Grandista Driver unique but it's really well thought out in it's design,  one of my favorite things is that they use DAT55G from Daido steel co in Japan,  yes look for the "G" when shopping DAT55 because that's the one you want this material is one of TSG members favorite on drivers it produces slightly faster ball speeds than the others and of course costs a little more as well. 

available in 2 different face materials, SP700 (Type-S) or DAT55G which is considered a best in class titanium alloy for driver faces due to it's spring-like effect also known as CT "Characteristic of Time" that the ball is compressed against the face and in this case it's VERY high at CT=257.

The crown of the driver is made of a special carbon material  which helps in getting the CG lower a bit this was required to get the gear effect to function properly and lends itself to a naturally high trajectory with low spin rates.   The tube looking things on the sole they call Roll Bars and that provides enough weight to create the cut away which allowed them to push the CG more forward.

favorite part is the head shape,  Grandista spent a lot of time researching this aspect of the driver by asking pro's and top amateurs what they like to see at address and hands down I agree with the many in Japan who think this is the best shaped 460cc driver on the market today.

The driver is square faced available in 9 or 10* lofts with the original version in DAT55G and the Type-S in SP-700  ( The Type S has a silver face area and partial silver sole area.

For custom builds and shaft configurations please email [email protected]


- DAT55G from Daido Steel Co.  or SP700 version  ( both have CT=257 )

- Carbon Material Crown to lower CG

- Roll Bar & Cut Away Sole for more forward CG

- Beautiful Shape at Address


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