Ginnico Model 01 Driver

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Introducing Ginnico Model 01 Driver by EON SPORTS, Street, mode, punk. A culture that continues to produce exciting and cool things without fear of change. While giving respect to them, the birth of "Agaru" gear just by owning it. A driver for adults to break their shells and enjoy the changes.

Suitable for any golfer with its customizability.

With GINNICO, anyone from beginners to advanced players can customize the trajectory to their liking, freeing them from the trouble of choosing a head.

Ballistic control with weight + sleeve.

Equipped with a replaceable weight plate, the position of the center of gravity can be adjusted. In addition, the loft angle, lie angle, and FA can be adjusted with the variable sleeve. You will definitely find your own settings.

Ballistic control by weight

The position of the center of gravity can be adjusted by exchanging the weight on the face side plate and 5 positions.

Ballistic control with sleeve

By adopting a variable sleeve, it is possible to set the loft angle, lie angle, and FA according to the swing and the trajectory of your choice. You will surely find the spec that suits you. Even if the swing changes, it can be handled by changing the setting. * The loft angle ± 1.5 ° can be adjusted.

Position A B C D E F G H
Lie angle 58 ° 58.75 ° 59.5 ° 60.25 ° 61 ° 60.25 ° 59.5 ° 60.75 °
Loft 10.5 ° 9.75 ° 9 ° 9.75 ° 10.5 ° 11.25 ° 12 ° 11.25 °

Face with new material

The new material Ti-HEG is used for the face material, and the face structure that pursues maximum flight brings out the repulsive force of the material limit. The face material uses the new material Ti-HEG titanium. The overwhelming flight distance and soft feel are something we have never experienced before.

Yield stress 125% and elongation rate 165% compared to Ti6-4. It has strong flexibility and suppleness on the face, and the material itself brings great deflection. In addition, fine, high-density crystal grains add a softer feel.

It bends firmly even if the core is removed. Shake it without fear of missed shots, so hit it firmly.
Designed to analyze the hit points of the face and amplify the amount of deflection of the face no matter where it hits.

The face plate material is molded by high precision CNC processing. The amount of deflection of the face is amplified by thickening the center of the face, adding mass, and thinning the periphery of the face. The potential of the material is maximized by suppressing the variation in wall thickness and increasing the accuracy of the face.


- Head Only

- Available in 2 type of finishes: Type A - Type B : Type-A, is a pop model with a rainbow line and a toe with a gold star. Type-B is a chic model with a gun metallic other than the gold star on the sole.

Loft (°) 10.5 ° / variable ± 1.5 °
Lie angle (°) NEUTRAL 58 ° ・ Variable + 3.0 °
F / A (°) NEUTRAL ± 0 ° ・ Variable ± 1.5 °
Volume (cc) 453cc
Weight (± 2g) 198g (default setting)

Variable from 190g to 213g * Including sleeve weight

Material Body: Titanium (Ti-811)

Face: Titanium (Ti-HEG)

Manufacturing method Body: Precision casting

Face: CNC high precision machining

Finish Black IP finish

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