Geotech Prototype RF700 Fairway Wood Head Only

Geotech Prototype RF700 Fairway Wood Head Only

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Geotech introduces its all new Prototype RF700 Fairway wood for the 2011 season. The RF700 is a solid mid sized fairway wood designed for the better player or mid to low handicapper wanting a stable and workable fairway wood.

Geotech wanted to ensure stable and firm flexes with the Prototype RF700 line so instead of a standard 30mm insertion depth, the hosels of both the fairway wood and utility have hosel depths of 40mm. This stiffens up the tip of any installed shaft to create more stability and control again aimed at the better player.  The Prototype RF700's also provide rather solid feel at impact. The body and face are all made of SUS630 stainless steel creating a more subtle "thwock" at impact rather than the high pitched "tink" we hear from many metal woods today.The sole design of the RF700 features a dual level sole with cut away trailing areas to minimize friction at impact with the turf. The RF700 is designed to provide a more penetrating trajectory with low spin. It has a smaller gravity angle which allows for working the ball with fades and draws.

The RF700 fairway wood features a strong 3 wood with 13* loft. The 13* is the only RF700 with a closed face at 0.5*. As the lofts increase the RF700 fairway woods have increasingly open faces, in other words the 15* is 0* square, the 18* 5 wood is 0.5* open, the 21* 7 wood is 1.5* open. This allows for more control and avoiding a pull or hook with shorter woods which can be common among faster or harder swingers.

The RF700 Fairway Wood is sold as heads only (head cover not included) and takes 0.335" tip shafts.

Geotech can also custom build the RF700 with any shaft and grip available in Japan to suit a variety of budgets, please contact us for more details.


Geotech Prototype RF700 Fairway wood Head

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