Geotech Prototype RF700 a-Spec NON-CONFORMING Driver Head Only

Geotech Prototype RF700 a-Spec NON-CONFORMING Driver Head Only

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Geotech is Japan's top components brand offering golfers a great variety of cost performance clubs.

The all new Prototype RF700 Alpha-Spec is a NON Conforming Hi COR (0.88) head designed for the better player who wants even more distance.

The RF700 is finished in all back and at 435cc maintains a traditional shape and semi high back design. The face material is made from springy SP700 Titanium which features variable thickness and provides pure feel when struck in the center. The CG point is located right in the center of the face and pushed back deeper in the head for a high launch but low spin trajectory. The face of the RF700 is actually on the deeper side which allows for control and workability.  It's score lines do not go all the way across the face which seems to be preferred by those looking for less spin and distance.

While the RF700 a-spec focuses on distance performance, the semi high back allows the player to produce a level blow on the ball but still create a higher launch with low spin. The hosel insertion depth has be increased on the RF700 to create more stability and control.

Players will like the look of the RF700 at address as its shape is on the compact side and face angle open to square. The 9.5* is spec'ed as 0.5* open and the 10.5* as a 0* square face.

The RF700 a-Spec provide solid feel, a strong trajectory and low spin and TSG recommends this for the better player wanting max distance performance without sacrificing stability.

Available in 9.5* and 10.5* lofts as heads only.

The hosel size is 0.335" and the head weight is approximately 192g (46" finished length is suggested).

Geotech can also custom build this driver with any shaft and grip available in Japan, please contact us for more details or a quote. 


Geotech Prototype RF700 a-Spec HI COR driver head

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