Geotech GT N SWS Fairway Wood Head Only

Geotech GT N SWS Fairway Wood Head Only

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Geotech Golf introduces their all new GT N SWS Fairway Wood for 2011! The GT N SWS is a mid to larger sized FW aimed at the mid to higher handicapper or any player looking for maximum distance and ease of use in a high tech, premium feeling head.

Geotech wanted to create a stable but forgiving fairway wood with great distance for the average golfer. With top notch materials and advancements in technology and manufacturing they are able to do this with the new GT N SWS.  The GT N SWS is a modern looking head which is on the larger side starting at  190cc for the 3 wood down to 145cc for the 9 wood. The head features Geotech's Stability Weight System, an interchangeable weight system which allows the user to alter ball flight and head bias.  The head comes in standard configuration with 2 x 4g weights in the heel and toe for a neutral bias. Th sole is dual layered with the trailing part of recessed for less drag and more aerodynamics.

The GT N SWS fairway wood has a mid faced height making it useful off the tee as well as off the deck. It's quite handsome and high quality looking face on. It's satin face is smoothed off with a chrome rounded leading edge to minimize any digging action with the club. Geotech does not hold back when it comes to materials for the GT N SWS.  They use a premium Custom 455 Maraging steel face which is typically found in more expensive big brand name clubs.  Matched with a high strength SUS630 body, Geotech is able to create a fairway wood that is stable but has some great pop off the face for maximum distance performance.

Unlike many clubs today that continue to push the CG point deeper and lower in the club for maximum launch and carry, Geotech decided the key to stable distance performance was an optimal CG point, not necessarily being the lowest CG point. The CG is actually on the higher side at 25.9mm  high (the face is 35mm tall) which allows the GT N SWS to create a strong trajectory with low spin.  This results in good carry PLUS good run. At the same time the CG point is deep enough at 32.1mm to still allow the club to provide a nice easy launch. Overall Geotech worked to design a head that reduces not only backspin but unwanted side spin.

One of the great things about the GT N SWS is even though the head is on the larger side, it doesn't look that way at address. The setup is still rather traditional looking and Geotech is one of those brands that realizes even average golfers don't want to look at a closed hook face. While the 15* 3 wood is closed 0.5* (the spec seems pretty accurate), all other models are square to open including the 17* 4W (0* square), and the 19* 5W, 21* 7W and 23* 9W which are all 0.5* Open to prevent pulling which can happen with shorter woods.  Face angles don't mean much if you can't square the head at impact and the GT N SWS is designed to meet the ball square thanks to a 26.5* gravity angle.

This listing is for the GT N SWS as head only which comes with 2 x 4g weights preinstalled in the heel and toe. It features a 0.335" tip size for all your favorite shafts. Headcover, wrench, and additional weights are also sold separately.

There is also another listing for the GT N SWS to be custom built with various shafts directly from Geotech.


Geotech N SWS Fairway wood


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