Geotech GT D-617 Driver

Geotech GT D-617 Driver

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Geotech is proud to introduce the all new GT D-617 SLE driver for 2017. The GT D-617 is designed to help the player make better contact by squaring up to the ball more conistently for more efficient energy transfer and increased ball speeds. Better players sometimes struggle with the head squaring too quickly causing pulls and hooks. The GT D-617 center of gravity is optimized to focus on squaring to the ball and grabbing the ball with maximum energy for more distance and a straighter trajectory. The next generation GT Series with more ball speeds than ever is here now!

By utilizing a variable thickness face designed to be wider than standard drivers, a larger sweet spot is created conforming to the rules. The center of gravity is designed to square more consistently to the ball at impact, increasing initial ball speeds by maximizing energy transfer. The CG placement also results in lower spin, with a 4.6% lower center of gravity than the previous model. The best trajectory can be achieved thanks to a wider variety of lofts (8.5 to 11.5 degrees) which help increase the launch angle. This balances out a common issue low spin drivers sometimes have of too little spin. High launch, higher ball speeds and low spin create more overall distance.

By designing the head with a shorter center of gravity (33.9mm), stability and operability are increased. Shortening the the center of gravity also makes it possible to reduce the club’s moment of inertia which helps make the club easier to swing and handle.

Designed to work in synergy with a shorter center of gravity design, the new variable thickness face has been redesigned by changing the thickness around the heel area to increase the sweet spot and improve overall distance.

Geotech GT D-617 Driver

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