Geotech Custom Special Grind Forged Wedge 1638-12

Geotech Custom Special Grind Forged Wedge 1638-12

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Geotech's Special Grind Forged wedge is a smaller sized wedge made for the better player seeking maximum versatility coupled with soft feel and controllable spin. Forged in Japan the Special Grind wedge features lower bounce and special M like grind to prevent digging and easy opening of the face while maintaining straight aim. This teardrop shaped wedge features sharp U shaped grooves and is finished in a durable nickel chrome plating.

The GT Special Grind Forged Wedge is custom built to your specs by Geotech Golf. Please select your shaft and grip of choice as well as the orientation of the shaft and grip. You must choose a shaft and grip for this product, if you want heads only please use the heads only listing for this same product. If you do not choose any shafts or grips you will be sent a head only.

Grips: All grips are standard sized unless otherwise noted. Iomic and Nowon grips are ribbed (have a back line). Iomic Grip colors are noted as follows "body color/cap color". If you require extra wraps installed under your grips please note in the comments section on checkout.

Shafts: Please select the one shaft you want installed from either Geotech shafts or the many other Japanese high end aftermarket brands. You can choose the length but please note that for swing weight Geotech will try its best to come close to standard swing weight but understand that there are many variables that affect swing weight including head weight, shaft weight and length and grip weight as well as balance points which are hard to measure. If you have questions please email us first.

The Stock Geotech Shimada K's GT steel shaft is made in Japan by top shaft maker Shimada. It is a 100g shaft with mid kick and 2.1* of torque.

If you have any questions about building your custom Geotech club or questions about the shafts, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Geotech is one of Japan's well know component brands, and offers components at an amazing performance to price ratio. They have been in the golf business in Japan for over 20 years.

 Geotech Custom Special Grind Forged Wedge




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