Freiheit The-G Ti Fairway Wood

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The-G Ti Fairway Wood has been released. It has the same properties as the Handsome Head driver The-G .A special bonding technology that joins the titanium face and upper body with the stainless steel sole makes the head superlatively underslung.
This club not only presents a beautiful configuration when setting up, but also it enables distance and directional control. As is desirable for fairway woods, it is easy to hit the ball high direct from the fairway, and the risk of slicing is greatly reduced. This high level of performance goes beyond the current conventional wisdom.


?It has an orthodox face, with a rounded angle from face to toe. Unlike most common titanium heads, it is not a big head, but a small, dynamic, and semi-deep head.

?The beautiful glossy black base and satin silver face makes the head profile sharp. It is an orthodox club with a square face that really means business.


?The face and body are cast from titanium, which has high mechanical strength and a light specific gravity. It gives a feeling of strong, solid, contact with the ball. The thick stainless steel sole makes the head very underslung. The position of the center of gravity is close to the center of the face, which makes it possible to get a high trajectory and more distance, regardless of whether you tend to hit down on the ball or hit up at the ball.

?Usually it is not possible to weld together dissimilar metals, only similar metals - titanium with titanium, steel with steel. However, dissimilar metals can be joined by brazing, a special bonding technology. Combining metals that have different specific gravities enables a refined design for the center of gravity.

Feeling ?adjustment function

? The characteristics of 6AL-4V titanium make it feel as though the ball is gripping the face. It also gives a flexible feel when hitting. The weight screws (8g) on the center of the sole are variable, and so the head weight can be finely adjusted.

?Your favorite club with the type of shaft that feels right and is the right length for you is available.

(Screw adjustment is available at workshops. It is the same as a driver head.)


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