Freiheit The-G New 460 Ti Driver

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Introducing Freiheit The-G New 460 Ti Driver. Long Distance, Easy Hitting, Great confidence

This Driver evolved farther! - Giving a sense of security at addressing, giving a great hitting sensation, “THE-G New 460Ti” has taken over the great feature of “THE-G 460Ti”. It is the real “Handsome head”, provide a confidence to the golfer with the feature of well thought out shape design of rounded crown part not to looks like to be too upright, the great hitting sensation that head seems to be connected with the ball and feeling soft even though hitting hard.

◎Refined orthodox and square shape received a high evaluation with the primary THE-G 460Ti. 

“New Handsome” head as the shallow back and large projected shape give a sense of security to the player at the time of addressing the ball. Well thought-out shape design of a rounded-crown part, in combined with a slightly flat lie, makes a player to take full-swing without the bud feeling to pull to left. Black Ion Plating (mirror finish) on the center parts of sole and silver colored screw makes a good contrast and gives a sharp impression.

◎Employed the New material “ZA010” for forged cup face, ZA010 have higher strength and modulus of elasticity than “ZA008+” employed in the previous model.

In combined with wide repulsion area, it brings a high initial velocity and strong trajectory. Employed the 6-4 titanium precision casting for the body from crown to sole, it gives great freedom in the design for the body to get the appropriate sickness of the wall entire body.

New460 was designed to have slightly shorter centroid distance and larger gravity angle, it brings the great forgiveness with eliminating the miss shot to right. THE-G New460Ti head is finished so as to be a slightly lighter weight so that it’s also good for the assembling with the long length shaft.

◎The cup face forged from「ZA010」creates a great hitting sensation with soft feeling such as head is connected with the ball even though hitting hard.

Impact sound which is slightly high pitch, but not too loud sound, brings the great feeling at impact.

Two weight screws on the toe and heel of the sole precisely adjust the head weight, the centroid distance and the gravity angle.

Freiheit The-G New 460 Ti Driver

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