Fourteen GelongD CT-214 Driver

Fourteen GelongD CT-214 Driver

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The Fourteen GelongD CT-214 Driver is made with one thing in mind; Distance! It has been created with input from long drive contestants and is Fourteen's ultimate distance producer. It features a 4 piece titanium head structure with high strength 6-4 titanium cup face for explosive energy transfer.  It features a 450cc head that is easy to control, yet large enough to have great forgiveness. As seen in the chart below, the GelongD combines 4 key features to help maximize distance.

1. A high performance head structure that has a optimal CG depth for distance and a solid feel.

2. A shaft length at 47.75" length that is close to the legal limit. Making it easier to maximize club head speed for golfers of any strength.

3. A new shaft, specifically designed for acceleration of the club head.

4. A multi-layered clup face design that is close to the COR rule limitations.

The head features a slick Black finish and a smooth rounded shape for an visually pleasing set up. The multi-layered cup face gives it a wide sweet spot for easy distance. The shaft is a newly designed MD-350JD that is made specifically to be played at 47.75" length.  The shaft also features a combinaiton of low and high elastic materials to create an optimal flex to maximize club head acceleration. An extension of the shaft by 1' allows for a 1 m/s increase in head speed, which can equal in a 9 yard gain in distnace. The CG depth, distance and height has been precisely measured out to exactly match, making it a very well balanced head. 

Available in 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 degree lofts in R45, R, SR or S flex.  (The GelongD can be ordered in 46.75" for those that are not quite ready for the 47.75" length.)

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