Fire Express PT130 Putter Shaft

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Quadra Composite Techno introduces the ultimate in high grade carbon putter shafts the Fire Express PT130. As a matter of a fact this is probably the world's only 80t carbon putter shaft.

By utilizing the highest grade carbon available in golf, Quadra creates a shaft with minimal vibration and deformation, meaning purer and straighter putts.

While the shaft is carbon, Quadra believes the shaft needs to be on the heavier side to create a better sense of your stroke so the PT130 is a heavy 137grams.

Ultra low torque of 1.1* prevents twisting yet is enough to allow the carbon to work with your stroke creating perfect timing and sense of distance.

The PT130 features a 0.362 tip size. This is an odd size that actually allows it to squeeze into a 0.355" hosel or fit nicely into a 0.370 hosel putter. The raw length of the PT130 is 36".

The PT130 is made in very small quantities so it may take additional time for delivery.


Quadra Composite Techno is a very high end graphite and carbon shaft maker who have long been involved in the golf shaft and carbon sheets business.

Quadra as you can tell by their name, means 4 and they were the first brand to create the quad axis weave used in many shafts from many different brands today including Axiv, Honma and Graphite Design today.

They produce such high quality carbon that they actually supply carbon sheets to some of the top brands including Honma's ARMRQ which also feature the 4 axis weave in their shafts.

Quadra has spent the last few years growing and developing their own shaft line and what many people outside of Japan may not know is that Quadra is actually frequently in the top 4 brands in sales in Japan battling the likes of Graphite Design, Mitsubishi and Fujikura.


Quadra Fire Express PT130 Putter Shaft

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