Fire Express Light 45

Fire Express Light 45

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Quadra's new Fire Express Light 45 is made for slower and smooth swingers looking for a lightweight premium high grade shaft. Unlike the 80t Fire Express 75 and 65 and the 50t 55, the Light 45 features completely new materials and design.

The Light 45 utilizes M40S and T800S high modulus carbon. M40S is a high modulus carbon fiber-reinforced polyimide composite. Interlayered with T800S, a  high compression intermediate modulus carbon fiber, the 45 Light uses nanotechnology to create super high impact resistance. What this means is the shaft does not deform during acceleration and returns to original shape quickly and consistently. Quadra's goal is to maximize initial velocity by allowing the golfer to just swing away, without worrying about timing, and allowing the shaft to return square at impact with maximum energy release. The Light 45 is designed to produce a strong trajectory with lower spin.

The Fire Express Light 45 is available in two flexes/weights.

The F1 Flex is 49 grams with 4.7* of torque. It has a low mid kick and is suited for players who swing in a range of 82 - 100 mph. The range is large because the shaft can be tipped to meet a certain CPM depending on the player.

The F2 Flex is even softer at 47 grams and 4.7* of torque. It is also low mid kick and suited for players swinging between 74mph and 88mph again with the ability to tip and obtain desired finished CPM. 

Quadra has noted that this lightweight shaft is designed to have great kicking feeling so that slower swingers can feel the release and accelerating head before impact.

If you need help choosing the right shaft please do not hesitate to contact us!

Quadra Fire Express Light 45

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