Eon Sports Giga HS797 Utility

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Eon Sports introduces Eon Sports Giga HS797 Utility, Silicone Titanium Face designed exclusively for UT, newly developed silicon titanium face with flying and superb hitting feeling. By adopting optimum center of gravity design and adopting a semi-large head, we realized a gentleness of 1.4 times the previous work ratio. It is UT with a superb hitting feel, operability, gentleness and triple play.


Attention to ease of standing

With a semi-large head that considers the flow from FW and a face line easy to square against the target, it brings a sense of security to the swing.

Tenderness + operability. Semi-large head

A head which is slightly larger than 125 cc at 21 ° compared to general UT. It realizes a high moment of inertia about 1.4 times the previous work (HS787UT), and makes it fly gently. In addition, by setting the center of gravity distance to be shorter while being a large-sized head, it also combines the operability required of advanced users.

Inner weight

20 g inner weight on the inner heel side of the head, low center of gravity is brought up, realizing a strong trajectory by up launch angle and loose pin. Also, a replaceable weight is attached to the rear of the sole. By deep center of gravity, it is possible to suppress mishit caused by dispersion of hit points and to achieve stable shot make-up even deep rough.

Groove slot

Adopt groove slot in front of sole. This is an optimum center of gravity position and a groove precisely designed to increase the repulsive force, due to the synergistic effect with the new monocoque structure, it brings about a significant increase in ball initial velocity and a stable strong trajectory.

About This Product Listing

- Available in 3 lofts option: 21* / 24* / 27*

- Comes with SPEEDER Tour Premium original shaft made for Eon Sports by Fujikura

Eon Sports Giga HS797 Utility

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