Dance With Dragon Grips Back Line D3-025011

Dance With Dragon Grips Back Line D3-025011

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Dance with Dragon introduces their limited prototype grips. These specially designed soft but sticky 6 pattern grips are made to give more control and more distance by making shot making easier. DWD grips are easy to maintain but not easy to wear out. These are standard size (M60) 48g and have a backline (A grip with a back line is a ribbed grip and has a small ridge (or rib) that runs the length of the inside of the grip. The ridge is aligned on the downside of the shaft during installation so that when you address the ball you'll feel the rib in your upper hand. This rib helps some golfers as a reminder for proper hand and finger alignment on the club.). Available in 6 great colors!

Standard Round grips are available here:

Please note that ALL DWD product is very limited and most of the time even sold out during preorder. Due to large demand from TSG customers we will try our best to provide their products. Please understand if an item is out of stock or suddenly sold out, you will be notified at the time you place your order.  Dance With Dragon is one of the hottest boutique golf accessories brand in Japan. These grips will sell out fast.

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