Crazy STP Utility Shaft

Crazy STP Utility Shaft

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Looking for the best Japan Made Hybrid Shaft Available?  I get this question a lot and while there are many options few I can suggest with the utmost confidence up until now.  Introducing the Crazy STP UT shaft,  for those not familiar with the STP series it stands for "Step"  Crazy Shaft Co. Purchased the patent for this carbon step technology a couple of years ago and created what I believe is the most straight shooting carbon or steel shaft ever made,  the STP Iron Shaft.  Usually only steel shafts have a step in them now that has changed.  The Original STP IRON shaft plays very stiff to flex and is weight to frequency matched meaning you can't select a weight in any flex they are only sold in specific weight flex combinations. The STP iron shaft is also the lowest flight most spin reducing iron shaft I have ever played and our customer feedback mirrors my opinion.  The same concept and technology in the STP irons now flows into the STP Utility Shaft but the key adjustment is that it's not as stiff, these play true to flex with a more vibrant feel yet extremely straight.

The Crazy STP Utility available in 5 flex option. 45, 50, 55, 70 and 75.


Crazy STP Utility Shaft

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