Crazy Pitchfix Repair and Ball Marker

Crazy Pitchfix Repair and Ball Marker

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Crazy introduces their Pitchfix and ball marker!

These revolutionary Pitch Repairers are based on the modern car key. With 1 press on the button the fork will release itself from the handle and when you are done repairing your ball mark just press the button once more and fold the fork back into the handle.
The unique patented design has 2 features:  Because the fork is hidden away, its nice and sharp making it easy to repair your marks. Being able to fold away, it protects your pockets and bags from damage.

The Pitchfix is made of high grade Aircraft Aluminum which makes they strong but very lightweight.

The handle of the Pitchfix includes a ball marker as follows*

Silver Pitchfix: Logo Marker
Gold Pitchfix: Cross Marker
Black Pitchfix: Butterfly Marker


Crazy PitchFix Repair and Ball Marker

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