Crazy Limited Edition Full Boron Shaft

Crazy Limited Edition Full Boron Shaft

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Crazy all new Limited Edition Boron shaft is a high frequency full length boron sheet shaft made for maximum control and distance. 

Crazy has taken their high modulus carbon shaft making and design experience and applied it to this new Full Boron design. Created with great feel and a strong release on the downswing in mind, the Crazy Boron shaft and its tightly weaved boron fibers produce consistent impact and minimal rounding for optimal ball speeds and distance. Full sheets of boron hand rolled in multiple layers of the shaft produce stability from the tip section all the way to the butt. These fibers are strong yet elastic and create powerful energy transfer. Though the torque numbers are on the lower side, the Boron produces great feel and is easily loaded and unloaded for unmatched distance and control.

Crazy's Boron shaft is a limited edition and only available through Crazy Family members like TSG. 2000 pieces have been produced for all of Japan.

Flexes available are as follows:

R: Regular 88-95mph
S: Stiff 95-105mph
SX: Stiff 102-110mph
X: 108-120mph


Crazy is one of Japan's top aftermarket shaft makers specializing in high modulus carbon shafts.

Crazy believes in creating the best performing shafts only from the best carbon available in Japan.

Crazy uses 40t to 80t (depending on the model) full sheets of hand rolled carbon in all their shafts.

So how does carbon grading work? Shafts are created with carbon fibers weaved together, and these fibers are measured by their modulus of elasticity in tension. Typical golf shafts are around 24t or 30t, the measurement of tensile strength. These lower grade shafts are more flexible and because of this the shaft is slow to regain its original shape on the downswing creating inconsistent impact where a player must rely heavily on timing due to the flexibility of the shaft.

As the tensile strength increases, the carbon weaves are more dense, more rigid and return more quickly to their original shape. The flex and rebound of the shaft becomes more predictable equaling more consistent shots and much tighter dispersion. The higher tensile ratings ratings in golf shafts are also related to the higher grades containing more glass and metal particles which are more rigid and lower grades containing more flexible rubber particles. Part of the reason why Crazy shafts are so explosive are that, even though they use those tightly weaved, denser carbon weaves, they create shafts with very active and thinner sections which lead to very high action (but controlled) in the shaft.

Crazy originally began as a company making shafts for long drive competitors (their company includes many former long drive participants) which included the fastest swingers and hardest hitters in Japan. Because of this the bulk of their product is still aimed at more aggressive hitters and made for crazy distance performance.

All Crazy shafts have always been known to spin very low.

It all comes down to finding the right model which matches your swing style and speed and give you the performance you want.


Crazy Limited Edition Full Boron Shaft

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