Crazy CRZ-460 IP Driver

Crazy CRZ-460 IP Driver

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Crazy is proud to introduce their latest high performance distance driver the Crazy 460 (CRZ-460). Like the long distance champion CRZ-435, the CRZ-460is designed for maximum smash factor and low spin.

The 460 launches mid to high trajectory compared to the low launch 435 model. The new 460 is made for a wider range of golfers unlike the 435 which was aimed at better and harder hitting players. The 460 is considered Crazy's most forgiving and pure distance driver.

The 460 uses a monocoque body for maximum energy transfer matched with a cold forged an all new DAT titanium face.  While Crazy touts it as suitable for a wide range of golfers, it still features a very traditional pear shape with a more high back design. The face profile is mid height and is sharper looking than the rounded curves of the CRZ-435 driver. The faces angles of the 460 are square to slightly closed unlike the 435 which were very open. The new 460 provides soft feel and a confident sound at impact. It is more biased towards a straight to draw ball unlike the 435 which was fade biased.

The new CRZ-460 is available in standard Black finish or an Ion Plated no paint fill finish.

Lofts which are real lofts include 9.5° 10° 10.5° 11.5° and 12° heads. The CRZ-460 is conforming to USGA Rules.

The CRZ-460 comes with standard Black/Gold Nylon driver cover. 

This listing is for head and head cover only.

Please note that because specs are custom like weight, there may be a longer than usual waiting time to receive the head.

You can also order any Crazy shaft with the CRZ-460 to be built at the Crazy Factory in Tokyo.


Crazy CRZ-460 IP Driver

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