Crazy 1 of 1 Limited Copper + Chrome 3-PW

Crazy 1 of 1 Limited Copper + Chrome 3-PW

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TSG recently had access to 10 sets in which we reserved 3 of them for special upgrades by our aftermarket division "TSG Club Works"  the other 8 standard models sold in a matter of 3 days but these are very special indeed.  Over the month I will be showing off the 3 sets,  this one may just be favorite and even though there are 3 I still call them 1 of 1 because each shares a different theme, finish, build.

This one here Crazy sent us the heads completely RAW hot from the oven straight from the factory to TSG Club Works where we had them dipped in copper before applying a fresh "NiCr Chrome Mirror".  so what's the deal with the copper?  These well feel like "cold dense butter" not to mention the soft black finish feels sublime already and this is Himeji Forged S25C Japanese steel

They are shafted with the new NS Pro Modus3 Tour 125 Steel Shafts which have been getting big praise from many members,  another special touch is that the grips are the limited edition Tour G Issue which come in a box set of 10 grips which we broke the set to make these and why they are special is because they use a stiffer rubber for the top hand with slightly softer on the lower hand like the other Tour G grips but these go a step further because the grips have a rough texture desired by Tour Pro's for more grip and to top it all off have a 0.05g weight tolerance which is the tightest of any grip made anywhere.

The second set of Limited Crazy MB's 1 of 1 for sale.

- Chrome + copper underlayer 
- Gold/Black Paint fill theme 
- Dynamic Gold S200 Tour Issue CPT Stiff 
- Tour G Tour Issue + 1 wraps 
- D3 3-9 D4 PW

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