Callaway X Forged Star Irons 5-PW

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Introducing Callaway X Forged Star Iron. The "X FORGED STAR iron" achieves "one piece soft iron forging iron of flight" which was not considered until now by strong loft. Of course, the height of the ballistics is also reduced by lowering the center of gravity, and the size of the head is increased, which also gives the player a sense of security. It is an appearance of a model that foresees the birth of a completely new iron category that combines the distance performance and the feel of soft iron forging that is ideal for better players such as "I want to fly but the flying iron is a little ...".

Speaking of 1-piece soft iron forged irons, so far, in the classic loft setting, the ball goes up, but it is inferior to the flight distance performance, and it was an impression that it was a model for players with power such as tour professionals and advanced players. However, the X FORGED STAR iron uses a strong loft design. You can get enough jumps.

By applying a low center-of-gravity design to the head, it is possible to aim firmly at the green with a high trajectory while being a strong loft. In addition, compared to the current X FORGED iron, the head width has been increased by approximately 12% for the sole width, approximately 16% for the top blade, and approximately 13% for the heel height. Unlike small forged irons, you can hold it with confidence.

About This Product Listing

- Set Contains 6 irons: #5 - #6 - #7 - #8 - #9 - PW

- #4 available as extra club option

- Comes with Several Shaft options ( Custom shaft take 2-3 weeks to be shipped )

- RELEASE DATE: August 30, 2019 ( Any orders before the release date are considered as PRE-ORDER )

Callaway X Forged Star Iron

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