Callaway X-Forged Irons 4-PW ( 7pcs ) - Japanese Smoked DLC Finish - Heads Only

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Introducing, The Reborn of the famous X-Forged Iron by Callaway. Speaking of X FORGED iron, the first generation as a soft iron forged cavity iron in 2007 appeared, became extremely popular regardless of professional and amateur. After that, renewal was done every two years, especially the model which appeared in 2013 has become "masterpiece" many professionals put in caddy bags even after four years have passed. 

The latest X FORGED iron that appeared this time has been renewed for the first time in four years since its 2013 model. It is what the development team of Callaway worked on making "a masterpiece exceeding the 2013 edition". Why is the 2013 edition loved by top players for so long? It is an iron that formed the shape and thoroughly pursues that factor and what the professionals are seeking from the iron.

The most sticking thing is still "feel". Forged the soft iron called S20C (FORGED), the head is made in one piece. as you can see in the pictures, the back side of the part that hits the ball just behind (the back side of the lower part in the middle of the face) is designed to be thick, so at the time of impact, it is an exhilarating fee that exceeds the past X FORGED iron It brings a ring.

Also, the point is that the head is slightly larger than the previous work. The course setting on the tour is increasingly tough every year, and tour players are gradually seeking gentle care for clubs to relieve pressure.

Feature and Technology

- S20C (FORGED) -

- 20V Groove - Since this groove exerts amazing spin performance even from the rough, it will reduce the phenomenon hard to calculate that the flyer hangs over and it flies too much. In addition, the sole is also a new design, it has become a good thing in every lie. Together with 20 V grooves, everyone will be amazed at the performance of the X FORGED iron in the rough.


This is an inventory sale of Callaway X-Forged Irons 4-PW ( 7pcs ) - Japanese Smoked DLC Finish - Heads Only

About This Product Listing

- Heads Only

- 4-PW ( 7pcs )

- Japanese Smoked DLC Finish

- Gold x White Paint Fill

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