Callaway Rogue Driver 10.5* - Speeder EVOLUTION for CW 50 ( R )

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JDM = Japan Domestic Market - This Golf Club is available in more than one market and is not Japan Only. This listing is for the Japan Domestic Market version which may have different specs and or shaft options. This product is produced to be sold in the Japan market and will ship from Japan to you.

Introducing the newest Series from Callaway Golf called Rogue Series, This Listing is Callaway Rogue Driver - JDM Version.

JAILBREAK produces a surprising flight. Easy head shaped low spin driver It

Callaway's R & D (research and development) team defeated common sense in the development of past drivers and challenged the redesign of the driver. They have evolved innovative JAILBREAK technology which made the GBB EPIC driver the No.1 in the United States * and injected all knowledge to improve the ball's initial speed of the R & D team. In addition, we adopted a new head shape that increases the moment of inertia, realizing ultimate gentleness. Fusion of ultimate ball speed and ultimate gentleness. A ROGUE driver was born in order to bring the overwhelming distance of the two pillars, JAILBREAK.


Increased Ball Speed and Distance with Evolved Jailbreak TechnologyInnovative ball speed technology that profoundly changes how the head and face behave at impact to promote more speed across a larger area of the face for increased average distance.

- Evolved X-FACE VFT Technology - Furthermore, the thinned face contributes not only to improving the initial velocity of the ball but also to weight reduction of the face portion. With the synergistic effect of JAILBREAK technology, Callaway increased the efficiency of energy transmission to the ball and realized further improvement of the ball's initial velocity. In addition, weight reduction of the face portion makes it possible to arrange the weight to the periphery of the head, contributing to the improvement of the moment of inertia.

- Triaxial · carbon crown enables unprecedented moment of inertia and gentleness - Triacular carbon is extremely light and strong, so it can produce a large surplus weight. By placing the weight on the periphery of the head, we realize a higher moment of inertia, easiness, and bring distance and direction even in off-center hit. ROGUE uses this triacruciform carbon crown most frequently in the history of Callaway.

- Customize trajectory with Adjustable Hosel - The adjustable hosel (COG) can adjust the loft angle and the lie angle of eight in total by a combination of precise two rings. This allows adjustment according to the needs of the golfer, and the trajectory that got the optimum launch condition brings the maximum distance to the player.

- Neutral bias design - By installing about 5 g of sole weight behind the sole, the head designed with neutral bias realizes high launch angle and moment of inertia.

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Callaway Rogue Driver - JDM Version

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