Callaway Apex MB Tour Version Irons by Miura 4-PW

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Introducing the Callaway Apex MB Tour Version Irons. As Tour Blade connoisseurs may notice, these Apex MB are not the same model as the Apex MB irons introduced to the market in 2018. These are actually the same irons as the Apex MB used on the PGA Tour by Callaway Staff players Francesco Molinari as well as Ryo Ishikawa. For the blade geeks out there, I think the beautiful shape would just give it away…. Yes, you guessed it! These heads are produced by none other than Miura Giken!

The “Callaway Apex Tour Version MB Iron” as the name suggests, has a Tour inspired shape and design, these blades were designed and produced based on direct feedback from Callaway’s PGA Tour Staff players around the world. The differences from the ’18 Apex MB is pretty obvious when you place the club at address. The head looks sharper with straighter lines and has a very thin top line. The flow from the top line to the hosel make the head appear as zero offset. Players are able to address the face directly at the target with no distraction whatsoever. This is a true Tour grade set of irons!

Another design feature that differentiates the Apex MB Tour Version is the extended length of the hosel. The longer hosel creates a higher CG for better trajectory control for the better players. It also has a higher heel side face height which makes it easier to control the face at impact. For the better player, this allows them to work the ball left and right as they please. The grooves are also milled for generating abundance of back spin preferred by better players.

While the top line is extremely thin, the back face actually has more thickness behind the hitting area. This is a direct reflection of requests from Tour players seeking dense and soft yet sophisticated forged feel at impact. The sole design features low bounce and flat grind. Tour professionals find it critical to have this sole design for ultimate control of the face angle through the impact zone. The sharper sole grind cuts through the turf like a Japanese katana sword.


- ONLY 2 Sets Available

- Shafted with DG S200


COUNT I # 4 I # 5 I # 6 I # 7 I # 8 I # 9 PW
BODY MATERIAL Soft iron forging (S20C)
CLUB LENGTH (INCH) 38.25 37.75 37.25 36.75 36.25 35.75 35.25
LOFT ANGLE (°) 23.5 26.5 30.0 34.0 38.0 42.0 47.0
LIE ANGLE (°) 59.0 59.5 60.0 60.5 61.0 61.5 62.0


Callaway Apex MB Tour Version Irons by Miura 4-PW

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