Buchi 2014 Global Edition Forged Wedge

Buchi 2014 Global Edition Forged Wedge


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Buchi is named after master grinder and golf club meister Masatoshi Tabuchi. Located in the mountains of Himeji, Tabuchi-san has created many custom irons and wedges for discerning golfers like top Japanese pros on tour to the most hardcore of golf enthusiasts. In ancient times, Himeji was the focus of forging samurai swords (katana) and much of that spirit and technique carries over now to several masters in the Himeji area who produced golf clubs.

Tabuchi-san spent many years grinding side by side with the also legendary Miura-san in producing personalized and unique tour pieces for some of Japan's top golfers. With the help of Fuso Dream in Japan and Tourspecgolf worldwide, Tabuchi-san's work is being made available to golfers around the globe.

Tourspecgolf took Tabuchi-san's irons and wedges which were designed and produced with the Japanese golfer and Japanese golf courses in mind and tested numerous designs and tweaks before coming up with the Buchi Global Edition models.

Unlike the Japanese models, the Global Edition wedge available from TSG features a cleaned up back face with only the Buchi logo. The original MT201 model wedge was then given a new grind shape, smaller, more compact, and more tear drop. The face progression was then adjusted 1.0mm which essentially removed the offset giving the global edition a straight neck.

The subtle tweaks to design and appearance make for a much more beautiful and clean looking wedge. Tabuchi-san takes premium JIS S25C steel forged in Himeji and hand grinds and polishes each head constantly checking weight and specs along the way to ensure perfection and consistency in shape, sole grind, loft and bounce.  

The Global Edition wedge is aimed at all levels of players wanting a pure feel and lots of spin with workability and balanced control.

Customers have the choice of going with the plated satin finish which is seen here in the listing or a raw unplated version or a raw black oxide version. 

Tabuchi-san will grind each head to exact weight needed depending on each golfer's requirements for length and swing weight taking into account the shafts and grips used. All sets will be professionally assembled by top Fuso Dream craftsment in Tokyo before shipping out directly to customers.

Please note, due to the hand made nature of all Buchi clubs, customers must expect wait times of 2-3 months. 

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