Basileus Zaffiro 2 Fairway Wood Shaft

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Introducing Basileus Zaffiro 2 Fairway Wood Shaft.

A feeling of flexibility over the entire length. Pursuing the comfort of the overall flexibility. "Zaffiro2" is attractive because it can produce maximum flexibility with minimum power. The behavior of bending is left to the shaft, and you can concentrate on the plane control from takeback to follow through. Furthermore, the sense of stability created by low torque improves operability. There is no blind spot in the whip that can be manipulated freely. Yes, "Zaffiro2" projects a splendid trajectory in the eyes of a technical swinger who emphasizes control.

“Zaffiro2” is classified as “C” on the “AB map”. A shaft with a sharp tone gives it overall flexibility. The C / B value is 0.50 (60S), which makes it easy to feel the bending, and the T / C value is 0.49 (60S), which makes the tip supple. The tip also has a strong bend. In addition, the driver's shaft benefits most from the low torque of ultra-high elastic fibers, and is designed to control the shaft trajectory as much as possible from the turning back of the overall flexible shaft, which is usually prone to turbulence (blur). We are here. As a result, the bending is achieved with the minimum power, and the easy operation feeling is reproduced. Due to the flexible design of the tip, the trajectory is basically a high trajectory type. A shaft for technical swingers that emphasizes rhythm and tempo and swings throughout the body. We also have a lineup of specifications in the 60g / 70g range that did not exist in the previous model.

  • -New design using ultra-high elasticity 80t hybrid carbon fiber for the entire length. <* 1> <* 2>
  • -A design that emphasizes a smooth and smooth feeling from the tip to the hand.
  • -Improved directionality by "low torque design" produced by ultra-high elastic fiber <* 1>.
  • -Matches technical swingers that emphasize rhythm, tempo, and plane.
  • -A shining RSP design is applied to the middle part of the shaft to express a feeling of condensed power.
  • * 1 Used for driver shafts except the 40S / 50X
  • * 2 Only 40S / 50X uses PAN-based ultra-high elasticity 50t


Basileus Zaffiro 2 Fairway Wood Shaft

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