Basileus AAA 2022 Limited Model Shaft

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Introducing Basileus AAA 2021 Limited Model Shaft. "AAA " was created by removing the usage limit of the material and preparing the conditions to make full use of the design power. Since the design is driven by using special materials, the number of production will naturally be limited to 500 pieces.

"Always create from new ideas." This word is not easy, AAA must continue to evolve, but that is where "past achievements" live. Only the accumulated "AAA data" is extracted and used to predict the future of the shaft.

The idea that "Triphas will do what no one has done before" is the origin and concept of AAA. If there is a new possibility, They will embody it and propose it to the golfer.

The latest precision control performance pursuit shaft "AAA 2022" in the D-Type category was born after repeated trial manufacture and failure.

The main materials are the W bias structure of the ultra-high elasticity PAN 50t sheet and the ultra-high elasticity pitch 80t sheet, and the design that eliminates extra torque. Toray®'s proud high-strength material T1100G is arranged, and various sheets (up to 8 types) with medium elasticity to ultra-high elasticity are used by detailed design.

The D-Type design eliminates the anxiety of getting caught on the left, and the mechanical action design places the operating point at the tip so that the flight distance is not missed. In addition, since the rigidity distribution on the Butt side has a bend, it is easy to take the timing of turning back.

In other words, it can be said that it is a challenging design for such a super-technical golfer who controls the behavior of the tip and the behavior at hand at the same time.

In recent years, the evolution of the head has been remarkable, and it is equipped with a wide range of variable adjustment mechanisms such as head balance and ballistic adjustment by weight adjustment and loft adjustment. By combining them, it is possible to propose a wide range of "pursuit of a club for your own use" and the enjoyment of assembling an ideal club.

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- Limited Edition

- Only 60 Stiff Flex is available


Basileus AAA 2022 Limited Model Shaft

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