Basileus AAA 2021 Limited Model Shaft

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Introducing Basileus AAA 2021 Limited Model Shaft.

"AAA <Triple A>" was created by removing the usage limit of the material and preparing the conditions to make full use of the design power. Since the design is driven by using special materials, the number of production will naturally be limited to 500 pieces.

AAA2021 is the result of the latest flight distance pursuit design in the A-Type category in AB-MAP advocated by TRIαS. Always continue to create from new ideas. This word is by no means easy. AAA must continue to evolve, but that is where "past achievements" live. Triphas will create the future by extracting only the accumulated "AAA data" and making use of it. TRIαS does what no one has ever done. That idea is the origin and concept of AAA. Embody it as much as possible and propose it to golfers. AAA 2021 was completed after repeated trial production and failure.

The main material is an ultra-high elasticity PAN 50t sheet, and a cross sheet with an ultra-high elasticity pitch of 70t is placed from the middle to the Butt end to eliminate excess torque.

The high-strength material T1100G, which Toray Industries, Inc. is proud of, is arranged, and various sheets (up to 6 types) with medium elasticity to ultra-high elasticity are used by detailed design. Furthermore, in order to prevent the A-Type design from getting caught on the left, a high-strength material is placed at the tip to reduce catching and blowing up. In addition, the rigidity distribution of the Butt has a fine bend to suppress the hooking to the left.

It is designed to cancel the anxiety to the left and convey the power swing as it is. The evolution of heads has been remarkable these days, and many models have made it possible to adjust the head balance and trajectory by adjusting the weight and loft, and it is possible to select a combination with many heads. "Pursuit" It is possible to propose a degree of freedom for the enjoyment of assembling an ideal club.

TRIαS do things that other companies cannot do. I think that is one of the missions of TRIαS.

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Basileus AAA 2021 Limited Model Shaft

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