Basileus AAA 2019 Shaft - 50 ( S ) Flex

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Introducing newest Basileus AAA 2019 Limited Model Shaft

"AAA " was produced that trimmed the limit of use of materials and adjusted the conditions to make full use of design power. Using a special material, the number of products will naturally be limited to 500 models from designing to drive down. 

AAA 2019 is designed as D-Type on AB-MAP proposed by trifas. Ultra high elasticity pitch system 80 t + high elasticity PAN type 40 t, and furthermore, 70 t cross seat is placed on the tip, eliminating extra torque. Furthermore, since it is a D-Type design, it is designed to suppress the behavior of the tip, and emphasis on flexibility and stickiness at hand. From this, it is finished in the athlete spec for the technical hitter pursuing Rotork + tip high rigidity. From this design, it is naturally a shaft with a high degree of freedom to respond to a long length. The evolution of the head recently is remarkable, the variable correspondence of the head balance by the weight adjustment is made possible by many models, the combination with a number of heads becomes selectable, the word long is no longer special. It is possible to propose degrees of freedom to pleasure to assemble a club like that. We do things we can not do to other companies. I think that is one mission of TRIαS.

This is an Exclusive pre-Order Basileus AAA shaft which already known as one of the best shafts on the market.

Made using High Elasticity Toray T1100G 80T + 70t + Boron it boasts the highest strength shaft deformation reduction attributes of any shaft allowing the player to easily square the club face at impact nearly automatically. The Toray has extreme pulling strength which gives it a strong kick. The AAA has a stiffer tip and gives a lower launch and lower spin. The 80 ton keeps the shaft very stable and the torque super low.

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- Inventory Sale

- New and Limited Edition

- 50g

- Stiff Flex

- Only 2 Available

Basileus AAA 2019 Limited Model Shaft

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