Akira Prototype H2 Wedge Head Only

Akira Prototype H2 Wedge Head Only

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Akira Golf is proud to introduce their Prototype H2 conforming grooves Wedge.

The name Akira in Japan for some may be associated with a ground breaking animation that raised the bar for modern animation.

However, for golf enthusiasts and better players, Akira is a Japanese Golf brand that specializes in supplying specially designed prototype heads to tour players around the globe and cutting edge clubs to help all golfer's dreams come true.

TSG has partnered with Akira's Prototype and Tour division to provide customers with hand picked heads for the tour, available only in limited quantities. 

In the past, Akira was a driving force in Japan especially offering custom built wedges to enthusiasts based on their original Prototype 1 2 3 series. The original series of wedges provided maximum spin and wonderful feel using 8620 mild carbon steel.

With the new 2010 Groove regulations in place, Akira evolved the original Prototype 1 2 3 series into the new Prototype H1 H2 and H3 series. The H stands for their new H design tapered groove an aggressively CNC machined USGA conforming V type groove.

Along with the soft 8620 mild carbon steel and CNC milled faces of the H2 Wedge, spin is as good if not better than non conforming wedges of the past.

The Prototype H2 , compared to the tour and H3 wedge features a straighter boxier top line with sharper leading edge. Like the other models the H2 has a straight neck.  While the bounce is higher, the sharper leading edge also aids sweeping style swings. The H2 has trailing edge relief allowing clean exit for any lie.  It was designed specifically for tour pros and for those familiar with Tour Vokeys, the shape is very similar.

TSG is offering a limited number of head only Prototype H2 Wedges directly from Akira's Tour Department.

Heads are approximately 298g in weight and available in 52/10 and 58/11.

Available in two finishes, a dark PVD finish or Satin finish, both which enhance the feel of the wedge thanks to a double plating of Cu (Copper) and NiCr (NickelChrome).

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