Akira K109 Prototype Tour Driver

Akira K109 Prototype Tour Driver

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Akira Golf's K109 Prototype driver is designed for the better and tour player based on inputs from top Japanese tour players.

The name Akira in Japan for some may be associated with a ground breaking animation that raised the bar for modern animation.

However, for golf enthusiasts and better players, Akira is a Japanese Golf brand that specializes in supplying specially designed prototype heads to tour players around the globe and cutting edge clubs to help all golfer's dreams come true.

TSG has partnered with Akira's Prototype and Tour division to provide customers with hand picked heads for the tour, available only in limited quantities. 

The K109 is a compact 420cc conforming driver made especially for better players wanting a strong and penetrating trajectory.

With input from top JPGA and Akira pro Kenichi Kuboya the K109 was desighed with a higher and shallower CG Point to create a piercing low to mid, low spin trajectory.

The flatter 58* lie reduces pulls and the compact high back head allows for top notch workability.

The K109 also features a next generation DAT-55 face paired with a 6-4Ti body. The face equals high balls speeds as well as crisp yet soft feel at impact.

The K109 features a real loft of 9* and a 0.5* open face. 

We are offering the K109 as head only (comes with headcover) so customers may request small variances such as a square 0* face angle or 1.0* open as well as 8.5 or 9.5* lofts.

Head weight is 196g + or - 2g. Please make any special requests within these ranges in the comments section on check out. Exact specs of the head will be included with each head.

The K109 takes 0.335" tip shafts. Akira purposely leaves a little bit of wiggle room so that an installer may adjust the angle of insertion, further controlling the face angle.

There are a limited number of black heads available along with the standard mirror sole head. Akira typically stocks the K109 only for tour players so availability of specs will be based on their demand.

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