A-Grind Fairway Wood Head Only

A-Grind Fairway Wood Head Only

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Introducing A-Grind Golf and while the brand and name itself is new the people behind it have been part of the Japan Tour for over a decade. Yusuke Ako-san who was the lead designer for Royal Collection from 2004 to 2013 is part owner and designer of A-Grind and part of the JPGA Tour servicing top golfers for many years and using his knowledge of what the Japan Tour Player desires he has crafted an entire brand around the athlete players preferences.

This new fairway wood is classic in shape they make 4 different lofts 14/15/18/21 both 3 woods are 160cc's while the 5 is 145cc and the 7 the smallest at 135cc's each with a matte black crown.  The face angles are all 1* open.

The feel off the face is spongy metallic as it's made with a 455 stainless steel it has a shallow center of gravity with more weight placed forward all of these are specifications geared toward the better player but don't let that scare you if you are a mid capper as I found the face profile to get the ball up in the air easier than most

they have the semi sharp angles in the face profile,  they are not deep nor shallow and with the removal of mass in the back of the sole it means less weight back there which keeps spin down and your shots straight


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