A-Grind 2016 CMB Hybrid Iron

A-Grind 2016 CMB Hybrid Iron

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Introducing A-Grind 2016 CMB Hybrid Iron.

For those of us who already own A-Grind clubs you are wondering what's the difference from the 2015 version driving iron and this new 2016 edition as they both look almost identical,  the differences are simple this one is smaller with a better shape with the same mid trajectory yet easier to hit,  with Ako-san constantly servicing the JPGA tour he recieves vital feedback on how to further improve his product and the comments about his original driving iron were already near perfect the only request being can you make it smaller yet without losing forgiveness and the rest was history.

This new CMB Driving Iron is designed to play as long irons in the new CMB Combo set and that's why the lofts and specs flow properly into the CMB Half Cavity and Muscle Back Irons.

Ako-san made all dimensions slightly smaller he also adjusted the shape to be more rounded at all corners and emphasized the trailing edge on the sole which looks awesome when I recently spoke with Ako-san he said the feedback has been fantastic and that it feels softer,  it's easier to launch up and with the smaller face size and adjusted grind makes better contact with the turf and ultimately the ball.

This head is actually hollow which is required when producing a metal club this size and keeping it at the proper weight it's a 2 piece stainless steel SUS-431 body and head designed all around accuracy and straightness.

TSG can also provide custom builds with the best hybrid shaft & grip options if you require a custom build please email [email protected]

A-Grind 2016 CMB Hybrid Iron

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