2022 KYOEI KK CB Irons 4-PW - Version 1

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2022 KYOEI KK CB Irons 4-PW - Version 1

This price is for the final 5 sets of Version 1 we have in stock.

KYOEI’s new flagship cavity back iron! Buttery soft with a beautiful shape that’s packed with solid performance.  The goal was to improve upon the original cavity back designs shape and make an easier hit iron with approximately the same dimensions as the KK / Proto CB.

2 years in the making,  you may have seen its first iteration known as the 2021 Handmade Limited iron which was produced using traditional heavier blank forgings and pressed grooves.  After tens of thousands of balls hit and many tester’s feedback the final retail release as seen here is much improved.

The new KK CB’s intended shape and center of gravity locations have been refined to specific heights and depths in each number club.  Various top-rated forged irons from the other top brands were evaluated to isolate what aspects of the design and performance worked and just as important what attributes did not.

The new KK CB also features the brand’s newly evolved modern 5 cut sole design.  The sole grind is extremely versatile performing well for both diggers and sweepers. KYOEI has been testing the 5 cut soles for many years and their newest version interacts with the turf and even feels superior to the last version.

Its traditional soft forging and single-piece construction make the feel at impact feel absolutely sublime.  It’s like hitting a cold dense stick of butter when struck center but best of all is the mixture of accuracy, forgiveness, and some decent distance with its slightly stronger lofts.  These were the 3 key goals of performance for KYOEI.

When considering the distance the lofts are 1-2* stronger than many traditionally lofted player’s irons with the PW coming in at 44*.  The new KK CB features a similar sole width as the new dual weight II but with a little less bounce while the topline is 0.5mm thinner.

Geared toward the scratch to mid handicap player the new KK CB is really a great blend of the best aspects of a forged player’s iron.  Its CNC milled face and grooves provide the best spin possible along with the consistency of perfectly flat faces.

With less offset than many blades and its beautifully proportionate shape and dimensions, this should be one of the top contenders in any purist’s golf bag.



Material S20C Japan Grade
Availability #4 – PW
Finish Chrome Satin ( sold out ) / Black PVD
Hosel Diameter .355
#4 23 60.5 0 250
#5 26 61 1 257
#6 29 61.5 1 264
#7 32 62 2 271
#8 36 62.5 3 278
#9 40 63 4 285
PW 44 63.5 5 292


2022 KYOEI KK CB Iron

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