2021 KYOEI MB Limited Handmade Irons 4-PW ( 7pcs ) - Heads Only

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- same as original but with sharper top line.

- Heads Only

- logo is also slightly thinner (previous generation stamping)


Introducing the all-new 2021 KYOEI MB!  A  new and original design handmade starting with a very heavy raw head.  When the KYOEI brand first launched their house label, they released two blades, the KK and the Prototype series, based on the KCM Mold.  The new 2021 MB is built upon a different mold known as the K1 and shows just how flexible these KYOEI original molds can be.

KYOEI’s ultimate blade is made for forgiveness, feel and shape.  Forged of J.I.S (Japan industry standard) S25C in Himeji, Japan, the feel is sublime.  KYOEI also does a key secondary process known as “precision forging,” which takes the head after its initial 3 presses. After it has cooled, it then reheats to 900 degrees for a final pressing in a different forging machine and weight; this process is said to improve the grain structure for a feel that takes it to the next level.

With a very thin topline and nearly zero offset, the 2021 KYOEI MB is still forgiving as far as blades go.  The back face milled design keeps much of the weight focused low for a center of gravity that helps get the ball up faster.  The shallow face also aids in the forgiveness category as well.

KYOEI has mated their 5-cut sole to the new 2021 MB as it’s a game-changer when it comes to turf interaction, especially for blade players who often come into the ball steel.  The combination of the low CG,  5-cut sole, and a shape that kills really makes the 2021 KYOEI MB one of the best performing blades on the market.   Considering it’s manufactured at Japan’s original golf foundry 100% in-house, I’d say we have something exceptional here.

Count Loft ( ° ) Lie ( ° ) Bounce ( ° ) F.P Weight ( g )
#4 22 60.5 2 5.3 252
#5 26 61 3 5.4 259
#6 30 61.5 4 5.4 266
#7 34 62 5 5.4 273
#8 38 62.5 6 5.5 280
#9 42 63 7 5.5 287
PW 46 63.5 8 5.5 294


2021 Kyoei MB Limited Handmade Iron

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