2021 KYOEI KK RRC Wedge - Black Mirror Finish - 58° - Head Only

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- Head Only

- Custom Black Mirror Finish

- 58°


Introducing the NEW 2021 Kyoei KK RRC Wedge - KYOEI has had an aggressive swing of new releases lately starting with their limited-edition handmade cavity and muscle back irons that sold out in a flash, now we await the standard production model of both of those due out sometime in 2021. Then just yesterday they announced their new KCM Heritage blade. Today they announce their new flagship wedge the new RRC KK Wedge!

Like the KCM Heritage wedge, KYOEI is staying true to mold/model naming. We like this because it’s transparent and at the same time it shows what can be done with the raw molds we sell on TSG (click here) those crafting molds we offer are the same raw heads used to produce the clubs they offer to the public and this combination is an industry first.

This is known as the KK wedge because it has the exact same aesthetic stamping as the original KK wedge but that is where the similarities end because this is an entirely new mold.  The original KK wedge is based on the W-08 mold while the new KK RRC wedge is produced using the RRC mold.

The difference?  The RRC is slightly more compact with a more aggressive grind all around,  there is more ground off the trailing edge and heel as well as the toe so it’s easier to open up and more versatile towards firm turf conditions.  To put it simply it's a little more playeresque.

The shape is beautiful,  the Forging is superb and the feel is sublime! All of these are ground by Okamura-san the head grinder at  KYOEI and use a triple press of the 2 ton then cooled and reheated to 900* and double pressed in the precision press.  That’s 5 presses all around for a more uniform grain structure.  Few brands use a second forging machine and re-heat.  KYOEI calls this the precision press.

2021 Kyoei KK RRC Wedge Specification

COUNT LOFT  ( ° ) BOUNCE ( ° ) LIE ( ° ) WEIGHT ( G )
52 52 8 64 297
54 54 8 64 297
56 56 10 64 300
58 58 10 64 300
60 60 10 64 302



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