2021 KYOEI KCM Heritage Blade Irons 4-PW - Photo Sample

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Kyoei KCM Heritage Blade Irons 4-PW - Inventory Sale Only 1 at this price

Photo Sample:  Rust on 4 iron 

Introducing 2021 Kyoei KCM Heritage Blade Iron - For those unfamiliar with the brand, KYOEI is a factory located in Ichikawa Japan (HIMEJI).  It is known today as Japan’s original golf club foundry and factory.  Many industry masters have honed their skills within their walls,  even old man Miura was an employee there and openly praises KYOEI as the job where he learned about forging techniques and perfected his grinding.  He is not the only one though,  countless industry masters have learned during extended and sometimes even short visits.

KYOEI is still today the only factory in all of Japan to do forging, grinding, finishing, and polishing,  they stock hundreds of heavy molds to produce some of the world's most famous one-piece forgings.

The KCM is the name of a mold,  one of the most famous molds they have produced in the modern era of golf.  It has won countless victories on multiple tours in the hands of players across more than a few brands.  The heritage series pays homage to the factory and the KCM mold itself and to name a specific model based on the mold is unheard of as most brands try their best to hide mold names from the public.  At TSG we not only sell these new KCM heritage irons but we also offer the raw molds to experienced crafters who want to produce their own irons.  We thank KYOEI for allowing this to happen.

The predecessor of this iron was known KYOEI was the KK MB.  In 2021 KYOEI has updated the shape and design.   In this blog post, we highlight what is known as (ARAKENMA) grain,  which is this cool raw grain effect on the heads resembling a deep brushed look.  (KUROZOME) finish,  this is the black dye applied over the grain-finished head,  this finish allows the player to feel the purest form of Japan forged S25C steel because it is not plating and does not influence the vibrations or feel at impact when the ball is struck.

This finish will eventually wear but beautifully if taken care of.  First, the sole and impact zones where contact is made turn silver,  we suggest a quick dry wipe at the end of each round, and if you want to really enhance the look of these a quick blast of oil or wd40 every month or so.  You do not want to keep these wet and especially with sale water or they will rust,  although some people go for that look.  In the end, the look is stunning as is the feel of these irons.  Pure Japan Forged!

Areas of improvement over the KK MB include reduced offset, improved neck transition, shorter heel-to-toe length,  new sole # stamping font, 5-cut sole, and no paint fill. ( custom paint fill offered ) These adjustments take the classic KCM to a whole new level for the JDM enthusiast.

In a time where even the most well known Japanese brands mass produce their products using light weight molds with little polishing KYOEI standands out by using heavy heads, original onec piece molds and does every process in house.   In a time where the majority of golf clubs sold are made in China and brands you want something special, historical that performs and feels the best so that you can enjoy golf as the way it should be.  Take pride and take care in what you play!

2021 Kyoei KCM Heritage Blade Iron Specification

Count Loft ( ° ) Lie ( ° ) Bounce ( ° ) F.P Weight ( g )
#4 22 60.0 0 5.5 252
#5 26 60.5 0 5.5 259
#6 30 61.0 1 5.5 266
#7 34 61.5 2 5.5 273
#8 38 62.0 3 5.5 280
#9 42 62.5 4 6.0 287
PW 46 63.0 5 6.0 295


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