Seven Dreamers Matrix Golf Shaft Seven Dreamers Matrix Golf Shaft Seven Dreamers Matrix Golf Shaft Seven Dreamers Matrix Golf Shaft
Seven Dreamers Matrix Golf Shaft

Seven Dreamers Matrix Golf Shaft

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USD 1200
Seven Dreamers

Seven Dreamers  is a new shaft company launched early 2014,  while new the company has a long standing history in composites dating back for over half a century.  In 1955 Minamoto Takeishi Watanabe came across a material that left him intrigued with all it's possibilities,  he decided to single handedly study composites and after 2 years of research in 1957 established his very first composite molding plant in Shibuya, Tokyo and thus began the company Super Resin Inc.

Originally it started off with glass fiber composites then a year later in 1971 Super Resin took the global lead in molding carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP).  For those of you who are new to CFRP it's basically a composite material made of fibers and resins that has a very high strength to weight ratio that is often used in aerospace, automotive and recently sporting goods.  unlike materials like steel or aluminum CFRP has directional strength properties that depend on the design and lay out of the carbon fibers.

By the mid 80's super resin expanded into Advanced Composite Materials (ACM) establishing their first ACM plant pursuing R&D in the aerospace field and as a result developed a CFRP remote control space (drone) in 1988.  Over the next decade Super Resin was the supplier for many materials used in space satellites which would evenutally lead them to join the Hayabusa project in the late 90's.  The Hayabusa project is the first and only unmanned spacecraft to land on an asteroid and return to earth with an asteroid sample.

Super Resin materials are found in almost every satellite launched in Japan Today.

Are all these advanced materials and technology overkill for a golf shaft?   Simply put no it isn't,  already on the market there have been shafts costing upward of $1000 dollars and some based  on hype or fancy branding so now finally a shaft arrives that provides  and justifies the price with quality, technology, and the consistency our money deserves.

What makes a shaft from Seven Dreamers stand above others?  Below we breakdown the difference between Industry standard shaft  vs the way Seven Dreamers builds their shafts.   In the standard industry process, shafts are made using a normal oven under atmospheric pressure.  To apply pressure during processing, the shafts are wrapped with a shrink tape,  After the process the tape has to be removed and when removed  it leaves an uneven surface.

The Seven Dreamers process uses actual inner and outer metal molds while the shafts are processed in an autoclave under pressure,  no need to apply shrink tape.

To smooth the uneven surface, the industry standard shaft requires grinding and polishing but the grinding while it smooths out  the surface it also damages the individual fibers and that has a major impact on the performance of the shaft, the carbon fiber itself and the design is what gives the shaft its unique strength and stiffness.

The Seven Dreamers shafts are smooth as they come out of the massive autoclave,  there is no need to grind and polish and there is also no need to paint either because the shaft is made perfect and true to it's blueprint with no variables or extra weight from paint.  The results are shafts manufactured as they are designed consistent from one shaft to the other.

The outer mold keeps the shaft perfectly round while in the autoclave, the result is complete accuracy unlike other shafts.  One of the most exciting aspects about working with Seven Dreamers is their scientific approach to total club performance,  Seven Dreamers actually takes the customers club head into consideration with their proprietary fitting process during the shaft selection phase.

Paint add's unnecessary weight and covers carbon material inconsistencies,  similar to how a plated finish can hide grind defects on an iron or wedge.  Seven Dreamers shows it's bare carbon as a testament to the qualities of material they use.

Why give Seven Dreamers a try?  well for one it's easily the most consistent and well made shaft in golf PERIOD! Don't agree? I challenge any shaft company to prove otherwise.  The inner and outer walls are exact with no variation and perhaps even more importantly is they know how to break down each of the 16 sequential questions to provide you with the proper shaft for your swing.  The Seven Dreamers shaft's also have less resin so you get more of the materials that matter most to performance.  The philosophy is based on science surrounding the laws governing the conservation of momentum and the coefficient of restitution and show how weight reduction results in increase in club head speed and ball flight.  

Initial ball speed comes from the head speed, head weight, ball weight, and C.O.R and it is scientifically proven that a lighter club equals higher initial ball speeds which begs the question how light can one go without hitting it wild?  Only with the use of the best carbon materials and designs can you keep shaft deformation down squaring the club face up at impact with such a light weight club.  Now that doesn't mean they only make Light shafts,  Seven Dreamers also has some beasts in their line up as well but the principle of increased distance with weight reduction can't be argued.


You have 3 choices:  Distance,  Control,  or Standard which is a combination of the two.  ( selectable in top drop down menu )

After orderingand submitting payment we will email you with a questionare containing 16 questions,  after you answer we submit your information to Seven Dreamers headquarters where they take 7-10 days to create a custom shaft design for you.

After that we present you with a design and then it takes approx 30 days to manufacture your custom shaft,  it is then shipped to TSG where we can install any head into at the specs you request or send you the shaft only.

Also note that Seven Dreamers designs the shaft based on the head you intend to install it with,  Seven Dreamers has measured nearly every head in the golf industry using their own methods so that they have the data on hand when you choose the head it is going into.  This is very important because every head has different center of gravity depth, height,  dimensions and so fourth.

Seven dreamers will provide reccomended build specs which TSG suggests you follow or if you have specific length, swing weight we can provide those details to them to take into account.

The seven dreamer shafts comes in a large beautiful box,  with your owners guide that has the measurements of your head and the design of your shaft with care instructions,  it also comes with a Carbon care cloth & cream kit  and a padded driver bag within the box that contains your shaft or assembled driver.

If you are interested in the in person Tokyo fitting expereince please email [email protected] the date you will be in Tokyo so we can arrange a club fitter that speaks your native language to meet you.


Seven Dreamers Shafts

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