Ryoma D-1F Fairway Wood Ryoma D-1F Fairway Wood Ryoma D-1F Fairway Wood Ryoma D-1F Fairway Wood
Ryoma D-1F Fairway Wood

Ryoma D-1F Fairway Wood

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Ryoma Golf

Ryoma Golf a premier woods manufacturer in Japan and creator of the Ryoma D-1 series of drivers introduces their all new Ryoma D-1 F Fairway Woods! The Ryoma drivers may very well be the longest drivers in golf boasting the largest sweet spot and most back weight of any driver ever made. The Fairway Woods look to replicate the drivers performance and become the premium distance FW on the market.

The Ryoma F Fairway Woods are broken into two types, the F2 13*, F3 15* and F5 18* are all made of premium forged titanium and feature a monocoque body with ultra thin walls like the driver. The F7 21* and F9 24* feature a stainless steel body and maraging face. The new Ryoma fairway wood heads border on the larger side at 220cc for the F2 to 140cc for the F9.  All of the D-1 F heads as they are called have square face angles

The F2, F3 and F5 models all fall right below 0.83 COR. Like the driver Ryoma is able to fit a 60g Power Booster weight on the back of all the FW models.  Not only that but they also add anadditional 60g weight on the front sole called the Spin Control Unit. Considering the 13* weighs 209g, and uses 120g worth of weights, it means the 0.4mm walled body is a mere 89g in weight! Ryoma then plasma welds on their premium forged TDW face for maximum ball speeds and feel.  The F7 and f9 shorter woods have a similar design except use a maraging face and stainless steel body.

Thanks to the 60g back weight, the sweet spot of the Ryoma  fairway woods is huge. So huge that Ryoma claims there is very little difference in direction and distance on off center hits vs shots off the center of the club.  In order to counter the huge weight in the back which in a smaller fairway wood head would push the CG too far back and low, Ryoma uses that Spin Control Unit mentioned earlier, another 60g right below the leading edge of the head. Ryoma says this weight drasticallyreduces spin and creates a strong and powerful trajectory that will not lose out to the wind.  Ryoma has designed the new fairway woods to rival any other FW in golf when it comes to distance and feel.

Ryoma has designed the CG Point of their fairway woods to match the ball exactly at impact whereas on some deeper fairway woods the CG point on the face is in fact higher than the point of impact. Ryoma's design features maximizing distance through perfect impact in turn maximizing energy transfer through its power booster. Another key point of the Ryoma FW is that its COR is right below the USGA allowed 0.83. Considering how much smaller a fairway wood face is than a driver face makes this number quite staggering as many fairway woods on the market feature COR of around 0.70 to 0.75. Ryoma believes their FW will create more ball speed than any other FW in golf.

All the FW's will be available with stock shafts from Ryoma or as heads only and custom shafted with the likes of Crazy and other top end JDM shafts.

This listing is for the Ryoma F with stock Tour AD Ryoma F shaft, specially made in Japan by Graphite Design for Ryoma. The stock shaft ranges from a ultra light 43g on the R2 flex up to 62g for the Stiff flex. Torque also starts high and goes down to a very stable 3.1* for the stiff.

Stock shaft flex recommendations are as follows. Please remember this is just a range and there is overlap as it depends on your swing style as well as your swing speed:

R2 Flex (Soft R): 68-82mph
R Flex: 76-92 mph
SR Flex: 86-100mph
S Flex: 96- 110mph

If you need suggestions please feel free to contact us anytime.

When selecting your specs please do not choose a shaft flex if you are ordering head only. If you require a shafted head please choose the loft and the flex.

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demon Review by asif
its a demon best fw ever made
excellent (Posted on 8/2/2016)

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