PRGR 2015 New Egg Driver PRGR 2015 New Egg Driver PRGR 2015 New Egg Driver PRGR 2015 New Egg Driver
PRGR 2015 New Egg Driver

PRGR 2015 New Egg Driver

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PRGR New Egg Driver - The new PRGR Egg drivers just released for sale on september 11th, a few weeks ago in the blog we covered the Super Egg non conforming version, today we are showing you pre release photos of the conforming version known as the 2015 Egg Driver ( no super ).

This deep faced 460cc driver holds nothing back in terms of technology and materials, PRGR uses a titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) face with a titanium (Ti-8Al-1V-1Mo) body. Available in 2 lofts 10 & 11 degree's the standard face angle is listed at 2* open but the driver looks and plays very square, this is due to the unique methods prgr uses to design, manufacture, and measure their clubs.

Ultra Deep Face,  the new Conforming Egg Driver really raises high center of the club face making it great for forgiveness and players who miss high and low on the face.   Overall after hitting the new egg driver for a couple of rounds it is indeed an excellent compromise between a players driver that packs enough forgiveness for a mid handicapper to use.  This deep face produced a nice soft feel that wasn't hollow this is a straight of PRGR drivers a nice dense feel.

The sweet spot seems big as mishits are punished less than other similar sized clubs,  like all egg drivers the spin is low,  trajectory is a true medium  and the ball flight is very penetrating,  it's a common theme with PRGR's players drivers.

Like the super egg non conforming version it has the power flange to help increase rebound when coming off the face.  While PRGR classifies this driver as high launch none of our testers found this as in 10* it played what we considered true to loft.

As you can see in the below image -2.0 open face angle looks square so don't let this sway you it's simply the method PRGR uses to measure.  Flexes are R2/R/SR/S in PRGR's original design shafts and there are custom shafts available through PRGR or more exotic options such as hot melt,  foaming,  and ultra top end shaft options from TSG Club Works.


- Power Flange to Increase Rebound & Forgiveness

- Huge Face Impact Area nearly 20% larger than other Drivers

- Uniquie Low Spin Penetrating Trajectory for Medium Launch


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